Last Straw’s Single Farm Whisky Program!

Our distillery dreams are starting to come true. When we started Last Straw, we started it to make whisky. The original dream was an on-farm distillery, where our inputs would come from the land where the distillery sits. If the intervening 8 years have taught us anything, it’s that farming and distilling are both high-input-cost, […]


A couple weeks ago, you may have seen the 250 ml bottle 4-packs go up in our store. You can choose your own mix of Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Canadian Whisky. While they’re great stocking stuffers, the main reason behind them is to help our bar & restaurant friends who are bracing themselves for a […]

LCBO Product Reviews

So, we just learned that the LCBO has added a product review function. On top of the usual function of helping the buyer, we’re informed that the LCBO will take the product ratings into account when considering whether to add new products from a supplier, whether to carry a product on its regular list, or […]

Hand Sanitizer Policies

  Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer now available. Our hand sanitizer is made with beverage-grade ethanol, according to the recommended formulation from the World Health Organization. Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]. Prices listed below are for no-touch, curbside pickup at the distillery – 40 Pippin Road, Unit 9 in Vaughan, Ontario. Shipping can be arranged […]

COVID-19 Pick-up Policy

Coronavirus information follows.     As an essential service, and a manufacturer of ethyl alcohol for hand sanitizer, Last Straw Distillery remains open to the public, with a few tweaks aimed at minimizing risks to our team and visitors: 1. Online orders for delivery by Canada Post are preferred. 2. The bottle shop is open […]

Crowdsourcing our sCorn Whisky Proofing

When we released Cask #1 Rye Whisky, we sent it out to whisky critics and writers at four different proofs to get their feedback on what proof we should bottle at. We heard from many of you afterwards that you were upset that you didn’t get a chance to participate in the process. So, we’ve […]

Cask #1 Rye Whisky Launch & Open House

Whisky.     We started Last Straw to make this. We’ve done a whole lot of making – 50+ casks down and aging. We’ve done a whole lot of waiting – our first single malts are well past 3 years now, but not yet ready.   Whisky day is finally here.         […]

Gin Twenty-One – 86.5 points from The Rum Howler

Chip Dykstra, aka The Rum Howler, is one of the tougher spirits critics out there, and he howls about all kinds of spirits, not just rum. We recently sent him a bottle of our Gin Twenty-One to see what he thinks. Spoiler alert: he liked it. He really liked it!         Review: […]