Cocktail Recipe: The Mexican Mule

A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, a whole lot of delicious. The Mexican Mule is a play on the classic Gin Gin Mule, or Moscow Mule cocktail, and inspired by a dinner we hosted with Chef Francisco Alejandri at DISH Cooking Studio in Toronto last winter. The Mexican Mule Dice 1/4 lime, a […]

Cocktail Recipe: Fruit n’ Shine by RecipesByDebbie

Hot summer days call for bright, refreshing cocktails. Speaking of bright and refreshing, we’re collaborating with Ontario-based Instagram mixologist @recipesbydebbie to get a few drink ideas from the depths of her imagination. She specializes in fruity sours, so it’s no surprise that her first creation is a spectacle of foamy citrus fun. Perfect for a […]

Cocktail Recipe: Canadian, Eh? by RecipesByDebbie

Another recipe from our collab with Instagram mixologist RecipesByDebbie, this one is a play on the classic Old Fashioned, using our premium barrel-aged Darker Side moonshine. The coup-de-grace is the…

Cocktail Recipe: Summer’s Zest by Sipping with Bri

As you probably know by now, creating cocktails and taking classy photos are not our strong suits. Our strengths lie in making the spirits for more talented folks than us to play with. One of those talented folks is Sipping With Bri – an Ontario-based Instagram mixologist who’s strong where we’re weak. She’s got a […]

Cocktail Recipe: Espresso Martini

What better way to introduce our newest product then with our take on the espresso martini. This has quickly become a favourite around the distillery, especially with all these long nights & early mornings!   Espresso Martini   In a shaker with ice, add: 1 oz espresso 2 oz Last Straw Distillery café fresco liqueur […]

Cocktail Recipe: Last Batch 21 by Savage Cocktails

We suck at cocktails. We’ll be the first to admit it. We’re a bunch of straight whisky drinkin’, if it ain’t 80% abv it’s watered down, keep that ice away from my liquor kind of folks. I mean, we’ll drink cocktails, we’re just rather inept at combining flavours in a way that’s enjoyable. Mike’s first […]

Cocktail Recipe: The Gentleman Farmer

We’re not fancy drink people. We’re more of the moonshine-straight-from-the-still types. But, credit where credit is due. When our friend Nick Watson, ex of the Oakwood Hardware in uptown Toronto whipped this one up for us for the first time, we were hooked. Because it’s fancy, it requires a bit of technique, but if our […]

Cocktail Recipe: Woodbridge Lemonade

One thing we learned when we started making moonshine is that everyone has a moonshine story. Particularly east-coasters, and the Italian & Portuguese descendants living just north of the Big Smoke in places like Woodbridge. So, let’s show some respect to our moonshine culture in Vaughan with an easy-to-make cocktail (that you don’t have to […]